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Auto Transport Broker Clone Scam

Auto Transport Broker Clone Scam


The auto transport industry is competitive and in some cases, downright cut throat. Brokers in sheer desperation are scamming away customers from the companies they already signed up with to have their car transported.

What the what!?!? Who would do such a thing and why? How do they do this? How do I protect myself?

In answer to the question, who would do such a thing? Some new companies that have the tendency to lose out to reputable companies; some old companies that are struggling to keep their heads above water.

How do they do this you ask? Here is the scenario. You have booked with a company to transport your car. XYZ company calls and you the consumer innocently ask, “Is this (insert name here) from ABC Company? The broker says, “Oh yes that is me. How are you doing? I was just checking in with you but I have a little problem. My system lost your information for pickup and delivery. So can you provide it to me again so this can be re-processed. You, the consumer, have no clue that is what is happening. So you innocently provide the information again. Now you are posted on the national board that all broker and truckers use. Is this supposed to happen? No, because every broker is supposed to have written permission from the customer prior to posting your request to the board.

Do they care that the double booking can impact you? No Why? I guess in their minds, desperate times call for desperate measures.

What happens in these instances? XYZ company posts your request on the board at a higher amount than the company you working along with. Since they know you had probably signed paperwork with the other company they do not want to send you any contracts from their company because the jig would be up.

They get a driver to accept the job at the higher price. You have no clue this is happening until the vehicle is delivered. Many times, the customer is in for a nasty surprise.

How do I protect myself? Here is how you go about it. Once you have settled on the company you want to work with, SAVE YOUR BROKER’S NUMBER. Whether you save it in your cellphone or on a note pad. If anyone calls you and they say they are your broker, and the number is not familiar, ask them to call you back. Hang up and call your broker. This will take a little of your time but save you a lot of headache and angst.


  1. This being my first experience transporting a vehicle, I didn’t really understand the process of shipping my car. The only broker who was willing to explain the process step by step to me was John from South Beach Transport. After booking with him, he kept me updated on the status of my vehicle. He had me vehicled pick up on and dropped off on th dates we agreed too. The only stress free part of my move was Transporting my vehicle. Thanks to John.

    • your a lucky guy…I’ve been through the mill , Ushipo brokers that kept raising the price instead of just saying what they freaking confusing ..soo many rip -off artists out there..up-front costs complete bull crap

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