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Cavalier Auto Transport

Cavalier Auto Transport

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  1. It was nothing but lies from the start. They tried to lowball the price to the trucker(same price to me as quoted) delayed pick up for over a week. When I told him I was going with someone else because of all the messing around, he called back in an hour with someone that would pick it up the next day and run it straight through and deliver it 2 days later. There was no communication unless I called (numerous times to find out what was going on) I was told the truck driver would call for an appointment to deliver and never got a call. I did get a call the morning of the delivery by the driver stating when he was dropping it off. I had a commitment at work and could only take delivery in the morning until noon or after 5PM. The driver would not wait until 5 and was going to leave if I could not take delivery at 2PM. To add to the mess this was contracted as a door to door pick up and delivery, stated up front this was a residential address being delivered to. The driver refused to drive on any residential streets and demanded unloading out in the middle of a state road in the middle of traffic. The motorcycle was not registered and when I called about the drivers refusal to go down residential streets, Cavalier suggested I just push it home. Then he went on to say if he was a policeman and stopped me with the paper work I had he wouldn’t give me a ticket.
    I had to leave work to make this delivery happen when I had told them up front the days and times I could receive it. I also was quoted door to door and had to take a license plate from another motorcycle and put it on this to drive it home 2 miles. I am very unhappy the way this whole delivery went, the way I was spoken to by Cavalier people and the driver of the truck.or the record I was never apologized for any of the mess or lack of communication.I would definitely not use these people or recommend them to anyone.
    Peter Cincotta

    • Peter we are sorry you feel that way. We never lied to you or low balled your price. It came down to getting an enclosed truck into that area and when it did get there we were able to scheduled it with that carrier. The carrier did not ask for any more money so you can see that we did not low ball you. The carrier we assigned for your transport got your brand new motorcycle to you enclosed for a great deal and did a great job securing the bike properly. Once the carrier got to your location for delivery he said he did not fell comfortable taking his truck any further because he felt it would be difficult to deal with. That was his call not ours (this is why well tell all of our customers that it is door to door service unless the carrier cant fit the truck up the road). When you called us and told us what was happening we called the driver right away and tried to get him to get closer but he would not because he said there were low lying trees and tight streets. The carrier parked a few miles away from your location (per the invoice it states that they can park up to 5 miles away) and asked that you come get it when you refused he stated he cant wait around and has to get back on the road. This is why we told you to meet the driver because he would have left and put your bike in storage. We told you this at the time. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Preet

  2. had them ship my camaro from Florida to ct, when the car got here the driver repeatedly was saying, “I like this car, fun little toy.” The outside wasn’t damaged but the plastic piece surrounding the shifter had a 1 inch piece of plastic cracked off, the passenger seat was repositioned as if he drove someone in it, there’s an extra 3 miles on it, and the rear end now grinds and whirls horribly while driving. Keep in mind that aside from the paint job this car had immaculate interior and a perfectly fine drivetrain. Don’t have these people ship your car if you have a sports car or classic car, they will abuse it.

  3. Great job had my car on time and with no damage. I will be using them again. Thank Cavalier!!

    • Thank you Mike. We look forward to working with you again.

  4. We use Cavalier Auto Transport once a week for cars we buy at auctions. We have been working with them for over 3 years. There have been carriers that have not come through but Cavalier has always been there to fix the mistakes the carriers make. I have been shipping cars for almost 20 years and will not need to ever work with another broker other than Cavalier Auto Transport. They are by far the best broker we have ever worked with.

  5. Cavalier Auto Transport is a top car shipping carrier with excellent rates. Trust, reliability, and security are cornerstones of Cavalier Auto Transport.

  6. Best company around! They were there from beginning to end. Highly recommend.

  7. Highly recommend. Great communication and very professional. Driver was professional and car arrived in good shape.

  8. Great experience. They kept in touch, estimate was met, and car picked up and delivered on time. Top notch.

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