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Beware of “CHEAP” Quotes

Beware of “CHEAP” Quotes


There is an old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!”

I have been hearing stories from customers who call me after they have had a lousy experience with another company. Now I know no matter what, you cannot please everyone. The issue is the ones where the customer is given the “lowball” to reel them in.

Now with these companies, they are the ones that are notorious for charging customers up front. They give the spiel of “locking in the rate”. I have found that for some people, they feel that by paying a deposit up front, they are guaranteeing themselves a pickup date and commitment.

These brokerage houses know there is no such thing as locking in the rate. This is not the mortgage industry. The low rate is the bait and once they have you on the “hook”, it is good as over. These are the companies that make it extremely hard to extricate yourself from them if you, the customer, choose to cancel after the order has been placed. The majority of the time, if you attempt to cancel, they will have in the fine print of their contract, (and I mean fine print. It is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it, you know something like this “this is a test this is only a test, can you see me???”)clauses that make it next to impossible for you to walk away without being scarred. Things such as having a cancellation fee 2 or 3 times more that the deposit, giving a short period of time to cancel (some as short as 3 hours after the order has been placed), denying you the right to cancel unless you give them 10 business days to find a driver even if they said over the phone it would be 2 days, stating that you can only cancel via email.

The industry is highly competitive and there are brokers just trying to get an edge. These edges though, can cut like a knife.

As an educated consumer, you will want to work with a company that does not want to take money from you right off the bat. You will want a company that there is no cancellation fee, no matter what the situation is that created the cancellation.

As much as brokers try to find drivers at reasonable rates, we are dependent on the INDEPENDENT trucker’s availability. There are just those times shipping was just not possible. In those instances, while the consumer might have lost time, they have not lost money.


If you would like a quote, or have any questions even IF you do not place an order through my company, you are reach me at 888 378 2390


Nicole Cooke

Senior Transport Coordinator

South Beach Transport

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