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In the auto transport industry, pricing is provided by brokers who act as the “middleman” to connect you, the customer, to the independent trucker that will transport your vehicle for you.


Pricing can fluctuate all throughout the year, it is dependent on the popularity of the route, the number of vehicles trying to move, the number of truckers available in your area and fuel prices. A broker’s job is to provide pricing that will secure the services of an independent trucker and have the job done smoothly and efficiently.

What is the lowball “limbo”?

The lowball limbo is what happens when, in this highly competitive industry, brokers in an effort to garner a customer’s business will drop the price of the transport  to gain the upper hand with the customer. Sometimes, it works out but most times it does not.

How so?  For example on a particular route the current price to move a sedan in $700 total. Broker #1 calls the customer and gives their spiel.  They tell the customer the price of $700.  Broker #2 reaches the customer and asks what Broker # 1 offered them.  The customer lets him/her know, so Broker #2 offers to get it done for $650. Then along comes Broker #3 and the price drops even further- the “lowball” limbo.

Now, everyone wants to save money especially on an expensive move such as auto transport. What is not communicated to a customer is this – No broker can force a trucker to take less than they demand on a route.

The lowball limbo works in tandem with the “bait and switch” which is to get the person to jump on the lowball limbo price and then have them agree to work along with that particular broker. Usually at the 11th hour, that broker will call the lowballed customer and state that the “cheap” driver they had on deck encountered a problem and can no longer pick up the car. They have, however, found another driver who can do the job but the cost has risen dramatically, putting the customer back to the price the broker knew from the beginning  would have gotten the job done but felt they would not have gotten the customer to “bite”.

While this industry is competitive, there are brokers who will be up front with customers. They will do      “realistic” price matching for that competitive edge. Customer service will be the key.


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    It’s important to understand many factors go into shipping your car.
    Time of year and type of car can make a difference in price. The more flexible you are and with some advanced planning you can save money.
    Never pay before your car is shipped.
    How long does it take to ship a car?

    Normal transit time varies depending on where your vehicle shipment is shipped to and from, and how many vehicles are on the car carrier to be picked up or delivered. It can also be affected by how many vehicles shipments are available in any given area to be auto hauled. In general, an East Coast to West Coast move is usually delivered within 7 to 14 days. A move up or down the East Coast or West Coast is usually 3-5 days once on the truck. A move from the Midwest to either the East Coast or West Coast is approximately 4-8 days. The actual time for your delivery may vary due to the route taken, weather and road conditions, other pickups or drop-offs and even driver illness. Please remember that no company can offer you a guaranteed date, day or time for the above reasons. Also during some peak shipping times, for example, in the “snowbird season”, deliveries to and from the Northeast and the Midwest to Florida can, and almost always run late due to the vast amount of car shippers leaving at one time, and the inability of the auto shipping trucking companies to accommodate so many people with a limited amount of time and equipment.
    Happy to talk with you to help you understand how the business works.
    Don’t get lured in by low ball quotes only to be charged more later.

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