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Shipping Your Car and Weight Allowed

Shipping Your Car and Weight Allowed

The auto transport shipping process can be a bit overwhelming especially when it is across the country for school or a job, or getting married or just a fresh start. There is so much to do, figure out what to pack, what to sell, what to give away. Most times, we have a lot of stuff to take with us.

Then along comes the time to figure out shipping the car and we do the Google search, find a website and put in our information and the flood or emails and calls begin. Every broker provides the price and then the question asked is “Can I put stuff in my car?” Brokers, because this business is HIGHLY competitive, have told customers anything under the sun saying yes they can load their cars up with stuff.

The reality is you cannot.

Transporters are governed by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. It is against their regulations for transporters to allow possessions within a vehicle. Carriers risk fines for transporting any personal items. Also, transporters are not insured to carry contents. With that being said, if a transporter is asked can they say no? Yes they can and there are some that will say no BUT there are some that are willing to help you out when and where they can. They just ask you, the customer, to help them out too. The independent transporter will ask you to limit the weight to 100lbs and it will have to be in the trunk of the car or the cargo section of an SUV or minivan. Why are they such sticklers about weight? Transporters have STRICT weight limits. Fines are dependent on the state. Most have minimum fines of $1000.

You will have to make sure there are no hazardous materials such LPG tank for a grill (yes, customers have tried to do that) and in the case of an SUV, nothing can be above the level of the windows.

Why? The Department of Transportation has enforcement on the nation’s roads at all times and they can stop a carrier any anytime. If they see anything that is visible from the windows, they will have the transporters report to the nearest weigh station and undergo a thorough inspection. Then come the fines.

There you have it.

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