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We Will Transport It Corp.

We Will Transport It Corp.

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Location: 2800 Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 206 Oakland Park , FL 33311
Phone Number: 1-877-880-5991
Secondary Phone Number: 347-704-0489
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  1. This company promised pickup and then had trouble finding someone to pickup the vehicle. Then lied to me about the cost. The company knew I had a small engine short block that was covered and secured in the back of the small pickup. They never told the driver they brokered with about it so he charged me $ 150.00 more for the transport. Several calls to the company were not returned so I had to pay the driver who is a independent car hauler. The driver was polite but said this company lies all the time about what is to be transported. This vehicle was spotless when it left California and filthy when it arrived in New Hampshire. Some road dirt/dust was expected but this was awful. There was no damage to the vehicle and nothing was missing or stolen. After the vehicle was delivered several more calls to Joey and William were made and they all went to their answering machine and none were returned!!

  2. We will transport offered all of their old customers 200 dollar gift cards if they came here and gave a good review. So I wouldn’t believe half of these fraudulent reviews about the company. I won’t lie they did a decent enough job other than not coming when they said they would. so I was like sure I could really use 200 bucks. I called John to verify what the email said was correct and told him I wanted my gift card to be for Walmart. He assured me it was and took down my address. I called back a month later to see when I am supposed to get said gift card and was told we do not get gift cards that we are put into a drawing and if selected then we get a gift card. This is not what was told to me by email or by john on the phone. I felt very mislead to write a hyped up review about the company. I emailed john to tell them how I felt and that I would no longer be who I use to transport my vehicle. He has not replied Don’t believe the reviews most of the people were bribed under false pretense.

  3. John Hanscom who is a manager at “We will transport it” at 1-877-880-5991, 305-517-3889, 954-889-5891, email [email protected], placed my shipment order. I called him a little over a month prior to the date when my car needed to be shipped from San Diego CA to NY due to a deployment. He assured me that at “We will transport it” company they strive to take care of their military customers, they offer military discounts, and go above and beyond to make moving stress free and with no hassles. He told me the date I chose for my car to get shipped was of no issue and gave me the price of shipment. He then emailed me my contract to agree to and sign with a set price and date for pick up. I thought all was taken care of. I called him a few days before my car was supposed to be picked up and asked him if there was anything that needed to be done. He assured me that everything was good to go and that I just need to have my car ready and the driver would call me the day before. Well the day before no one called me, so I called them. The people there seemed dazed and confused about my shipping order and transferred me to someone else because they simply didn’t want to deal with me. Once I was transferred to someone else I was told that they were unsure if they could pick my car up on the date that was booked over a month ago, they were going to charge me $300-400 extra due to “rates going up within the last week” (why they didn’t call me a week ago to tell me this is ridiculous) and that they could no longer drop my car off to my home in NY and instead I would have to drive 4 hours out of my way to get it. After I had told them that I signed an agreement a month prior with a specified date and price, and was not going to pay extra or drive out of my way to pick up my car, I was given an attitude and was talked down too and told they simply had no control and I was going to have to pay extra and drive out of my way to get my car shipped. John Hanscom, a so called “manager” didn’t even have the decency to call me a week prior when he knew that the rates had gone up, nor did he or anyone else call me the day before to let me know anything. As said before they acted like they didn’t even know they were supposed to pick me car up. I told them to forget the whole thing and told them I better not be charged anything due to them breaking the contract and not doing a single thing to help their customer and was told that they would try to work it out so I wouldn’t be charged. This whole situation and moving company is a SICK JOKE. THEY ARE HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, AND HEARTLESS TO THE NEEDS OF THEIR CUSTOMERS. THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR CONTRACTS, nor try to help their customers from being screwed over. I pray that no one gets screwed over as my husband and I did. I WILL BE LETTING EVERYONE I KNOW TO NOT USE THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hands down one of the worst, and most infuriating experiences of my life. This was my first time moving long distance, From PA to CA, and Angie made it sound painless. I signed a contract over a month before my move. I followed up a couple times and everything was great. 13 hours before I was supposed to leave they called and told me that no one was coming for my car. They made dozens of excuses why it wasn’t their fault, and they are still the good guys. If I wanted it picked up I would have to sign a new contract, pay an additional $500, and my car would arrive 2 days later. It would also have to be sent backwards across the state first and be transferred between two different companies.
    At this point it felt like extortion, but I had no choice but to accept the new terms. My car was picked up extremely late, but it was out of my hands at that point. I wrote an angry letter to the sales woman (Angie) I had dealt with, explaining my frustration and dissatisfaction with the situation and how I felt extorted. I got no response for days. Finally the CEO of the company called me back personally. Apparently he had felt threatened by me letter, so he felt it was necessary to reach out to and address me with hostility, threaten me with his lawyers, and threaten to withhold my car, drop it in storage, and never give it to me. It took me five minutes to calm him down and diffuse his aggression. He refused to honor the terms, or at least the cost outlined in my original contract and bombarded me with excuses why it was not their fault. By the time I hung up with whom I thought was the most unprofessional and unreasonable executive in the country I was enraged, and there was nothing I could do for fear of my car being stolen by his company.
    When my car finally arrived it was a week and a half later than the original date I was given, and I swore I would do everything in my power to make sure no one else gets robbed by them again.


    Do not use Mountain Logistics INC if you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy service and a company that actually values customers. This transport company possesses zero integrity. To make a long story short I contacted WE WILL TRANSPORT IT (another horrible company with terrible service) at the end of January 2015 to transport my vehicle. They contracted their affiliate Mountain Logistics INC to do the work and it went downhill from there. Mountain Logistics INC changed the pickup date last minute without informing me, which inconvenienced my move. They changed the date a total of three times.

    When the representative finally picked up my vehicle, I provided them with the key to my vehicle which is required for transport and I was verbally provided with a delivery estimation of about 5 days. Of course the vehicle took much longer to arrive and they didn’t call to update me. I had to call several times to find out where my car was. Finally, a representative from the company calls and tells me that the car has arrived in TEXAS, but that they did not bring the key to my car with them. They requested my spare key, claiming that they would use it to deliver the car or it would take longer because they would have to go back to California to pick it up. I gave them my spare on the condition that they would drop off my car so I would have it sooner and return my key with their next shipment of cars, which PAUL (compulsive liar of Mountain Logistics) claimed would be in 4 days. We’ll I learned quickly that both representatives of Mountain Logistics, PAUL and INDRA are both compulsive liars with no integrity that will give you the run around.

    They never kept me updated about the return of my key, which is an expensive key because it is the KEY-LESS ENTRY or Electronic Key which costs over $300 to replace. I had to call constantly and they would claim they would call me back with an update, but never did. Finally when I got in contact with INDRA again he lied and said the shipment was delayed and they would arrive that weekend. Of course the weekend comes and goes and still no delivery. Then INDRA tells me to call PAUL about the return of my key and he claims on two separate occasions that he will return my call but never does.

    They still refuse to return my key, which means not only am I out a $300 key after spending a large amount of money on shipping already, but they still have access to my vehicle, which is A BREACH OF MY SECURITY. They are LIARS and DECEPTIVE. They never planned on returning my key to my vehicle as promised, yet PAUL wanted to collect full payment for bad, irresponsible service upon delivery after collecting my spare key. That doesn’t scream INTEGRITY to me. They are greedy.

    I called WE WILL TRANSPORT IT to also try and resolve the issue and sales representative/crook BRAD was very friendly when trying to initially book the transport (obviously for commission), but when you call about an issue with their terrible service and business affiliates,LIKE MY CAR KEY BEING STOLEN, he becomes VERY NASTY and DISRESPECTFUL like many other customers on YELP have complained about. When I called on a second occasion about having my car key returned, he transferred me to representative SHAY who is also a compulsive liar that doesn’t value customers. She claimed on several occasions that she would contact INDRA or PAUL to have the THIEVES return my CAR KEY, and would call me back, but she NEVER DID. BOTH COMPANIES EMPLOY CROOKS. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF THEM and go with businesses that actually have good ratings with the BBB. WE WILL TRANSPORT IT has an F rating and they work with seedy crooks like MOUNTAIN LOGISTICS INC RUN BY PAUL AND INDRA.


  6. I am the owner of a car hauling company with a 100% business rating.

    Someone from this company contacted me with an offer to transport an inoperable vehicle from New Jersey to Tennessee, asking me to buy a cover for the transported vehicle.

    After working out all the details of the job, I felt it would be too complicated for me and asked for more than they offered by $150, apologizing for the increased rate. This person declined my offer, so we said our goodbyes. They then started berating me and promising they will make sure I would never get a job from them again, regardless of my past good jobs for them. They then proceed to insult me calling me greedy and broke.

    For simply putting the value on my job for them, insults were completely unnecessary. I will never do business with this company again.

  7. IM the owner of a one truck trucking CO. We hauled a oversize tractor from MO to MAINE IN June 2016. The tractor was listed on the load board to weigh 43000lbs. Thats the exact weight we can legally haul so we went and loaded the tractor on Fri night went out to the truck stop and weighed on a cat scale. Well the tractor weight real close to 45000lbs so it was after five i told me driver to stay there till the next morning and will see if they want to pay for over weight permits if not were going to take it back and dump it. We called them the next morning and the dispatcher said they would cover the $400 expense for the permits if we could take it so we did.
    The mistake we made was it was Saturday and we did not get them to rewrite the BOL.WE delivered the tractor with good intent not realizing the this co would give us the shaft.We called the next week to see when we would get our $400 and they told us they didnt know anything about it. Then finally they admitted they did but the guy we needed to talk to was out that week. So we called back the next week and they told us they would send the check but it would go thirty days just like standard from brokers. Well thirty days came and they tell us that employ did not have the authority to make the call and that he no longer works there and the co is not going to stand good for it. I got to talk to the boss and talk about a very arrogant and disrespectful guy. Gave me a big sob story how hard it is to get good employs in south FL. So drivers dont haul for these guys. Another broker going down the tube trying to servive buy taking it from the working man!!!!

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